Official Sports Performance Provider For FCUSA MA
FCUSA Club Players Only can experience the Athletes Acceleration difference through the season and beyond. Boys and Girls all ability levels
6 sessions per Month for $79/Month
3-month minimum
Regular Price $99
8 Sessions Per Month for $99/Month
3-month minimum
Regular Price $169
What you get:

Access to our World renown programming and coaching methods
  • Complete Athletic Assessment - How players move as well as testing power, speed and agility. Every athlete is re-assessed every 3 months to measure progress
  • Speed - Ability to achieve movement at a high velocity
  • Power - Combination of Speed and strength
  • Strength - The ability to move/control body weight or external weight
  • Agility - The ability to decelerate, change direction or accelerate in a new direction
  • Flexibility – Range of motion
  • Mobility- Range of motion possible during performance of a specific motor skill
  • Awareness - To Analyze and execute movements for maximal performance.
How it works

Simply fill out the form below and we will get you on our schedule for your Complete Athletic Assessment and  first session.
“My son has been going for 6 years and we have seen such a difference in his playing ability in soccer. He is more confident on the ball, has longer endurance for those extra playing minutes and has another gear when a fast sprint is needed. I recommend any athlete looking to get stronger and faster in a safe environment to come to Athletes Acceleration.”
- Cyndi M 
“The difference is in your coaching style. Your program is giving Sam the tools to become both a better athlete and soccer player”
- Steve H 
"I signed my daughter up for about 8 months ago. I have seen a significant increase in her athletic ability, agility, strength, endurance, and overall game. I recommend this program to all parents I know. Can’t say enough wonderful things about Athletes Acceleration.”
- Karen L 
- Experience the Difference for Yourself -
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