Chasing Greatness


About Athletes Acceleration South Shore


From the Desk of Dave Gleason:

Since 1988 I have been blessed to train and coach athletes of varying ages and ability levels.  It is with a great sense of honor and responsibility that I am pursuing a dream, a passion and a calling to coach young athletes in a facility of my own.  Athletes Acceleration is the vehicle to do just that.

Our goal is to build more than incredible athletes and certainly more than just to build a business.  We are part of a greater movement to restore a physical culture in our kids.  A revolution takes an individual, a family and a community working hard and having fun.  We will be doing just that, and we invite you to join us!

Our 2500 sq. ft facility houses a homework bar, a custom 19 ft monkey bar station, climbing net, turf area, free weights and so much more.  We have the very best tools and equipment available and will continue to obtain any and all resources necessary to provide the finest athletic development training anywhere.

The society that we live in is quick to pigeon hole our children as brains in a bottle, plastic trophies or couch potatoes and video game addicts.  We consider every child that enters our facility to be an athlete and we recognize all of them as ATHLETES and CHAMPIONS.

Teaching them to chase greatness in all that they do on and off the field, turf or ice is an honor and a privilege for me and my coaching staff.

A revolution is a paradigm shift – a different way of thinking.  We do things differently at Athletes Acceleration South Shore.  Our programs are based on skill development not performance;  competition over winning;  principles instead of values (numbers).