Chasing Greatness


Athletes Acceleration represents a fundamental shift in the way personal training and fitness is being approached.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your health or increase your performance, Athletes Acceleration is the answer.

At Athletes Acceleration we’ve assembled a team of the top fitness professionals in the United States who are all eager and dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Our company was built by experienced and certified personal trainers, not a bunch of old guys in suits sitting in an ivory tower.

At Athletes Acceleration, our passion, first and foremost, is helping you succeed…

Athletes Acceleration is on the cutting edge of health and fitness and will continue to remain there because of its built-in education program that utilizes the cooperative knowledge of the best in the industry who, by the way, must be certified fitness professionals.

Above all else…

We are not a gym.
We are not a program.
We ARE a family that has a ton of fun getting together and working toward our goals.

All of this ultimately leads to one thing…

Your 100% Satisfaction…GUARANTEED!

We offer several options for you to either begin your fitness journey or to take your game to the next level!!

Metabolic Conditioning University Classes

These classes are fun packed, science based and in the trenches tested for maximum results. Long gone are the days of lengthy, boring workouts that don’t get the job done. These classes utilize timing sequences with an exclusive audio program so our coaches can instruct rather than counting reps or looking at a stop watch. Body weight, resistance bands, medicine balls, suspension trainers, weights and so much more are utilized in a systematic sequence to get you one thing…RESULTS!

Semi Private Training

Get a group of friends together and you can schedule closed-door session with us. Up to 6 people per class. Scheduling is dependent on availability.

Private Training

There is nothing like one on one personal training to get you to the next level or get you ramped up to join in on our Metabolic Conditioning University Classes.