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Basketball Speed Training

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Basketball Speed Training


In basketball, being able to shoot accurately is only a small part of the game. Nearly anyone can shoot a basket on an empty court with no distraction–the mark of a good player is to be able to navigate the chaos of the court and still sink shot after shot. That's not to say that an empty court isn't ideal, but it's hard to come by in the course of an actual game–until now.

Being able to make the most of any turnover on the court is the key to success at basketball. You need to be able to work
quickly and efficiently across the court to make a basket on your opponent. If your team members are quick on their feet,
you'll see your team sinking more and more shots. Speed can do much more than power up your offense. When your opponent has a fast break opportunity, you need quick movement and coordination to prevent an easy lay-up or a dunk. When your team plays with increased speed, you'll see sharper, more effective defense and a lot more stops.

Speedwork is essential to basketball because if your players can clear the ball and make it down the court before your opponents do, you get a clear and easy shot at the basket. Speed training teaches your athletes how to move quickly, and how to put on bursts of speed without getting winded. That translates to more baskets–because you can get down the court and sink an easy basket without catching your breath.


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