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Can a Parent Develop a National Champion?

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Imagine you're the parent of a young athlete who is not getting the quality of instruction you expect from their coach. Or, perhaps, you don't think your son or daughter is performing at the level you know they're capable of.

You're fed up, so you go online to search for some training information that will help you put your athletes in a position to succeed and take advantage of their ability. But, you're thinking, "I'm just a parent. I'm not sure I have the background, knowledge or experience to put a safe, effective program in place for my child."

During your search, you come across a program that looks good. It shows numerous success stories. The creator is getting good results. But the program is a little more expensive than you initially expected to spend. And it's got 5 DVDs and 3 hours of information. So you start thinking maybe you just don't know if you can pull it all off.

You read a few emails and articles. You get a bit overwhelmed and, in the end, you decide not to order. Maybe later, you say. Maybe when the price drops (it has) or after you read a few more articles. Or when you have a bit more time.

Your kid goes back to their regular team and coach. But nothing changes. They're still doing the types of workouts you now know aren't going to help. Your kid still isn't getting faster. You can see the frustration on his face, but you still can't bring yourself to take charge of the situation.

The end of the season comes and it's time for the big meets. But you know your child isn't prepared. And so does he. The gun goes off and you know how it's going to turn out. He tries his best, but just doesn't have the speed, strength and technique to place or run a personal best. He walks off the track, head hanging low. You're heartbroken. As you stand watching the award ceremony, you have to witness athletes with inferior ability smile and accept their awards knowing it didn't have to be this way. This isn't the experience you want for your child again this year, is it? After all, *you* can make your athletes faster because you're as intelligent as anyone else. And it's really not as complicated as you think.

If you could go back in time, knowing how the season is going to end for your child, would you still choose to roll the dice on their performance? Or would you take a chance on that proven program?

Because Marcus Harris is a parent who chose not to sit back and watch his son flounder in mediocrity. Instead, he took action and, well, the results say more than I ever could here. Listen below to a voicemail Marcus left earlier this week. And, below it watch the video of his son, Marcus Jr., winning the Youth Division AAU National Championship.

If you think you're 'just a parent' or 'just a youth coach' and you can't get these kind of results, it's time change the way you think:




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  • eru says:

    just need to get your speed training deal with out using bank details on the net,but very impressed by what i’ve seen and heard so far.

  • Kenya says:

    This kid race against one of my runners in the 2nd round (Joppatowne, Chris Johnson). This is truly amazing.

  • You can still order CST even if you don’t want to order over the internet. We accept checks, money orders and purchase orders (from schools and businesses). Click on this link, fill out the form and mail it to us:

    – Latif

  • Victor says:

    Hi which of your programs should I consider buying if I want to train for the 100 or 200m?
    Complete speed training or Complete program for sprinters?

    And second. Can I use this programs on my own (I’m 16 yrs)? I don’t have a coach or so, sometimes my mother can help me to time my runs but that’s rarely.

  • Latif, do me a favor and watch this video again. Is the young man Rashaan Reason grabbing his chest in the semifinals and then in the finals?

    I’m not sure if you know this young man or can get in touch with him. It seems as if he’s having chest pain when he’s running. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed it. Check it out. He’s running fine in the semis and then grabs his chest and then does it again in the finals. Please reply.

    And if anyone else sees what I see please let me know.

  • Nick says:


    Just wanted to thank you as well…mixing my methods with yours. My guy won the 110m hurdles at USATF for the Young Men. He’s off to Southern U. – Vincent Brown. We also had 10 qualify in the 400 at USATF Regionals. Regionals were tough so they all were eliminated from the toughest Region – 3. The winners ran from 48 – 46 for Youn Men & 56 or better for the ladies. One of my guys off to UCLA as well running 48s. Two youngsters tooks SIlvers at North Amerca Hershey in the 200 & 400, We also just had 3 guys run under 4.4 in the testing for Fball as well!

    Keep Training & I’ll do the same. Thanks for all you do. Sorry the Mindgroup never happended.

    VA. Special Forces Track &
    Mercury Speed Unlimited

  • Victor

    Go with Complete Speed Training. And yes you can do it on your own. I recommend having your mom (or whoever) videotape you so you can compare you form with the technique on video. The training you need to do isn’t complicated, you just need a plan and CST will give you that.

    Nick – Congratulations on your success. Very impressive. Don’t give up on the Mastermind yet. I’m still planning on something this fall, I just need to hire more support staff so I have the time to do it.


  • Rhadi

    You’re right. He did seem to grab his chest. For just a moment in the semi and then it looked like he was having a real problem in the final. I’m not sure how (or if) that went unnoticed because if it were my athlete I’d have been sprinting over to resolve the issue after the semi.

    Though I have to think it must have popped up at some point in the past.

    I’ll contact Marcus Harris and see if he remembers anything.

    Good eye, sir.



    I got this email from Marcus Harris regarding the aforementioned athlete:

    Hello Latif.. I will most certainly keep you informed on how he’s doing..

    I actually met Rashaan and his coach and they were telling me that he strained his rotator cup in the prelims. So that’s why it looks as if he’s grabbing his chest.. He seemed to be fine as long as he wasn’t putting to much strain on it. His coach told me its a reoccurring injury do to bad form, they have been battling it off and on all season..

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