Chasing Greatness

Can I just be average?

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In Saturday’s in-person session we had a great conversation with our athletes about our number one goal for them.
The one thing, above all else, that we want them to get out of our program at Athletes Acceleration.
They looked shocked, followed by inquisitive, when I said this to them….
“The number 1 thing we want you to get out of our program is that you feel great about yourself”
*This might happen because they are faster or stronger.
*This might happen because they feel better about making mistakes with confidence and knowing that is when they learn the most.
*This might happen because they learn how to take ownership, responsibility and accountability.
*This may happen because of a boost of confidence.
*This may happen because of a sense of accomplishment.
In the end, no matter how it happens we want them to feel great ABOUT THEMSELVES.
The conversation then turned to the fact that no one signs up for our program to be average.
Chasing greatness means our athletes take small steps over time to become the best versions of themselves on and off the field.
This again will lead to them feeling great about themselves.
This is when things turned.
One of our athletes raised their hand and asked if they could just be average.
I love this kind of honesty and as parents and coaches we need to look beyond questions or statements like this to what really may be going on here.
Listen, we all want our kids to TRY. We all want them to put in the effort and succeed.
The truth is, for some young athletes, it’s emotionally easier to not try than it is to try and fail….or feel like they’ve failed.
…you may even know some adults like this.
With all that has gone on for the past 29 weeks even the most dedicated athletes are struggling emotionally.
This leaves self doubt and can lead to what appears to be complacency or lack of effort.
My advice is, as always, meet them where they are.
Talk with them and tap into what they are feeling versus what they are saying.
Once you get past some of the emotional type answers from them and you can see them thinking and trying to logically sort stuff out in their head continue to ask questions that will lead them to their own answers.
This is a great way to hit the reset button as a parent, coach and young athlete to remember what is most important about their sport and why they play.
As activities, school and sports come back into our lives, remember that there has been an indelible mark left on all of us in 2020.
We can help each other grow from it or let it consume us.
We can help our kids rise from it, or hide in average.
I hope this helps you in some way.
Keep chasing greatness!

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