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Can you put together a warm-up routine?

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There still seems to be many questions on what an effective
warm up is and how it should all be put together. I want to
share with you what we use at Athletes’ Acceleration.

If you want your athletes to be able to perform at a high level
in their sport, a proper warm-up is crucial. Not only is it our goal
to get our athletes ready to compete and perform to their full
potential, our role as coaches is first and foremost to prevent

There is nothing more critical in reducing the incidence of
 injury then putting our athletes through a well structured
warm-up program.

What does a properly designed warm-up program mean? 

Running fast and performing explosive movements are
extremely complicated activities from a neuromuscular
standpoint, so there are certain things to consider and
rules to follow.

To read the rest of the article and learn more about
setting up a warm-up routine with sample warm-up
programs provided, go to: 

Yours in speed,

Patrick Beith

P.S.- To discover how to put together the perfect warm-up
routine for your athletes,  click below:

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