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Coaches – Do You Raise Your Hand?

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Coaches – Do You Raise Your Hand?

By: Coach Zach Even-esh

When I began pursuing my career as a Strength Coach I was also a full time Teacher and Coach sports as well.

Every year, we had to meet at least 20 hours of continuing education. It was a state law and if you failed to meet the minimum requirements you would fail your end of year evaluation.

I always loved learning and I thought that I was the norm. But a few experiences proved otherwise to me.

One year I was out of state and spoke at a state strength & conditioning conference. The University brought athletes in and I took the athletes through our warm up system, some bodyweight training and how we use the warm up as our assessment and baseline training program.

At the end, I was pumped up to open up the floor to connect with the Coaches. I announced, “I’d love to answer your questions.”

Not one coach raised his or her hand and I had to tell them straight up, “That’s not good. As Coaches, you should always have questions. You should always be on the hunt for what I like to call the “one thing”.

The “one thing” simply means you set a simple goal to pick up one powerful technique or strategy to make yourself a better Coach and in turn, make your athletes better.

When you stop asking questions, you stop learning. When you stop learning, your athletes no longer get what they truly deserve.

There is a mental toughness factor behind being a GREAT Coach. I understand it because I am with you, I have been living the lifestyle since my college days, coaching athletes of all ages. There are times we are frustrated, tired and sometimes even feeling burnt out.

What I’ve learned through over 2 decades of experience coaching is that the way to avoid burn out or feeling exhausted is to keep learning, to keep improving and to keep asking questions.

This is the pursuit of excellence and this is the path we must choose if we are to hold the role of Strength Coach or Athletic Coach.

Raise your hand. Question Everything!

In Strength,

—Zach Even-esh—



About the Author 

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I met Zach many years ago at the very first IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist Certification event and we have been friends since. You will not meet a more authentic guy or person dedicated to getting his clients better. Check out his new book here – Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning.


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