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Complete Olympic Lifting, 10 more reasons why…

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It doesn’t matter what sport, age or training goal you have.

People from all over the world agree that Complete Olympic Lifting is a ‘must-have’ in any coach or athlete’straining library…

‘This is the most complete training DVD on the market on the Olympic Lifting subject It is stocked from top to bottom with incredibly insightful information about how to perform lifts safely and productively. Each exercise is demonstrated from multiple angles, which I believe, will really help viewers with their exercise form. Each movement is broken down and learning progression is demonstrated and explained so no detail is left untouched. This DVD will serve as a completeintroduction for any beginner, and as a go-to reference guide for an experienced lifter’s skill refinement and/or refreshmentIf you are looking to develop explosive speed and strength either for yourself or your athletes and are into Olympic lifts this is a must have DVD.
Congratulations on a wonderful product.
Efim Kourbatski,
Personal Trainer
Melbourne, Australia

‘I work with a professional team of soccer called GENOA CFC as a physical trainer. I also teach to the soccer players the correct technique of the Olympic Lifts because many times they don’t know how to do them correctly. With your fantastic DVD I can show them all the correct progressions. In this way I can eliminate the possibility of injuries. The demonstrations with the explanations are very clear and easy to learn. I’m very satisfied with this product.’
Alessandro Pilati,

‘I have found the progressions and demonstrations provided in the Complete Olympic Lifting DVD to be the top of the field for Olympic lifting instruction. Not only are the lifts performed with accurate technique and impeccable form but the variety of lifts and easy to follow progressions will certainly help you and/or your athletes quickly accelerate through new strength and power plateaus. This is a must have DVD for any aspiring coach, CSCS, PES or CPT-it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in my training career. Trust me your clientele/athletes will thank you for it!!’
Robert Belley BS, CPT, YCS,
Pembroke, MA
Purely Physique: Results Training Systems

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‘I have 5 different videos or DVDs about teaching the Olympic lifts. This is by far the best one I have. Detailed, professionally shot and narrated. Great teaching progressions and an excellent section on trouble shooting the Olympic lifts. I have shown my athletes this DVD and just seeing the lifts performed correctly has helped them dramatically. If you include the Olympic lifts in your program, you need this DVD!!’
Dale Spitzer,
Head Football Coach,
Fort Defiance High School

‘I have been coaching fitness and strength for rugby league at Secondary level (16-18 years old) for the last 10 years at Saint Brendans College in Yeppoon, Australia. In that time we have had bit of success winning 7 state titles and 1 Australian title. Since we started Olympic Lifting in our in-season program this year, our players are faster and less fatigued than where they were previously on conventional strength programs. I would nothave contemplated switching to olympic lifting if it wasn’t for your DVD. So thank you very much.’
Lindsay Jones,
Yeppoon, Australia

‘During this past winter , my daughter, Trisha, a U-15 soccer player- trained and lifted- using your DVD on the TV in my basement. She followed the instructions- and although not performing all the lifts- managed to put on 15 pounds of musclefrom November through February. She is more explosive, her shot is better, and her Olympic Development coach states- ‘Trisha – You have made a quantum leap this year!’ Thank you!!!!!!!’
Mark J. Wladecki, M.D.,
Avon Lake, Ohio

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‘I have the complete olympic lifting video and have studied and applied these methods for my weight training program.The video was very educational and help me to understand the proper method to use these lifts. I’m coming along well and hope this will help improve my throws. I’m a Senior athlete and compete in Senior and Masters T&F. My goal is to improve on both my strength and quickness. Thank you for sharing this information with me.’
Donald Lantrip,
Angleton, TX

‘We are so happy to have found your DVD! We have used it with our classes to give them a good visual of how the lifts should look. As we all know some kids are visual learners and having your DVD as that resource has helped us to get the point across in a much more direct manner. It has also helped some of our coaches with their teaching techniques. The DVD has helpedour whole program tremendously’.
Chuck Markiewicz,
Head Football Coach
Arundel HS, Gambrills, Md.

‘As a Track and Field coach for over twenty years, it was like a beginning of a sunny day when I got the Complete Olympic Lifting DVD from Athletes’ Acceleration. I have made for many years the Olympic lifting a part of my explosive training for power in my athletes. I was always looking fore good demonstrations to show my new athletes many variations ways and break down the drills in Olympic lifting. Like I say, everybody can run and jump but to be quick and explosive is another thing and fun to practice.The DVDs from Athletes’ Acceleration are very good to have when you’re teaching the lifting techniques to new athletes that are looking for quickness and explosive in their sport. It is no question about it.’
Hlynur Chadwick
Guðmundsson , Iceland

‘This product is jam packed with information. If you are serious about learning the Olympic lifts; this resource is invaluable. I gave it to all of my trainers to watch and each had similar reactions. No question we all benefited tremendously from this DVD. I highly recommend the purchase.’
Thomas Phillips,

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