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Update and Action Plan

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Athletes Acceleration Family!

We wanted to communicate our action-plan with the continuing developments of COVID-19.

As a leader of our community and organization, it’s important to communicate what our current and future plans are.

Our goal is to be proactive, rather than reactive. Our values are to be part of the solution as well as keeping us all as safe as possible.

As much as we want to stay open, training and coaching all of our kids, we feel the right thing to do is to minimize risk by closing this week (March 16th – March 21st). We will continue to closely monitor the situation and reassess.

Game Night will be postponed until further notice.

Even though our groups are small and well under the guidelines of a maximum of 25 people, and our facility is as clean as an operating room, we are going to play it safe.

This does not mean we are going sit idly and do nothing, nor do we expect our athletes to.

Here is our action-plan:

  1. We will be providing workouts using ZOOM video conferencing so we can still coach and interact with our athletes. ZOOM is easy to use and accessible on laptops or smart phones. (Instructions will come tomorrow)
  2. We will modify the current workout to utilize bodyweight given that not everyone has equipment accessible at home. The entire workout can be done in a small area inside the house or outside.
  3. We will be sending a printable copy of the workout program to our athletes to follow along and record their results. They will be responsible to bringing it to Athletes Acceleration when they return.
  4. Every athlete’s current program (12, 24 or 52-weeks) will be extended one week to account for the week off.
  5. We will be communicating with you and our athletes frequently to give tips, advice and instruction on how to stay active and at your best during this time.

The schedule for the live online workouts will go out tomorrow, ensuring we can deliver 2-3 of these workouts just as our athletes would normally have.

In addition, Coaches Justin, Julie and I will be creating several social media videos encouraging our kids to think positively, appreciate the extra time with family and as always chase greatness.

On Facebook:

On Instagram: @AXsouthshore

This is an opportunity to stay consistent with the goal of being their best self!

We are thinking about all of you. We will get through this together!

See you soon,
Coach Dave

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