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Develop More Speed for Football

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I always get questions about running a faster 40 or setting up a football specific speed training program.

You can get a series of reports on these specific topics by checking out our popular football speed program ‘North-SouthFootball Speed’.

Simply put your name and email address into the form and we’ll start sending you proven tips on these topics right away.

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‘I recommend North-South Football Speed to anyone interested in drastically improving their speed. The drills allow anyone to make substantial gains in a short amount of time and are extremely easy to teach or to perform on your own. Being a sports performance trainer in one of the hotbeds for high school football, athletes are always trying to get faster and quicker. This DVD has definitely given me the tools necessary to get the results me and my athletesare looking for.’

Mark Tarle, ATC, CSCS
Ath-Elite Sports Performance Training
Canton, Ohio


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