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Did You Choose the Right Coach?

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Did You Choose the Right Coach?

For years I’ve been speaking to large audiences and consulting gyms on the importance of quality coaching. It cannot be overstated how much of an impact a Coach can have on a child.

Remember the days of the signs on gymnasiums that noted “Non-marking Shoes Only”?

To no avail, because all shoes leave a mark.

All Coaches leave a mark. An indelible mark.

That said, we are so lucky to have world class Coaches at Athletes Acceleration like Coach Justin.

To say he genuinely cares about the long term wellness of each and every athlete is a massive understatement. Coach Justin puts his heart and soul into each and every session with our young athlete’s best interests in mind every time.

This was highlighted recently as one of our athletes, Brady Kelbaugh, through his own efforts and character earned acceptance into the National Honor Society.

Brady is a former Athletes Acceleration Champion of the Month and one of the most fantastic young men you’ll ever meet.

Coach Justin has known Brady since he met him as a little guy at My Gym and now coaches Brady, touting him as “the strongest clarinet player in the world”!

I was so happy for Coach Justin when I learned that Brady had invited him to his induction ceremony for the NHS so he could publically relate the impact that Coach Justin has had on his life during his induction speech.

This was a great day for both Brady and Coach Justin.

A representation of two fantastic human beings.

This is an example of what coaching is really all about.

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