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How to get faster without speed training

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I just read an article on 'how to get faster without speed training'. It turned out to be geared towards distance runners, but it was funny all the same. First the author stated that running repeat 400's are considered speed work. If you have been on this newsletter for a while or know basic physiology, you know this to be false.

But, the funny part was that running up hills of 50-75 meters at top speed will help improve your speed. Really?

Of course it will because that is speed training. Hill work is still considered speed training at that distance and at that intensity. (He also recommended performing plyometrics which I agree distance runners should be using but that is a topic for another time).

I think we as coaches need to get on the same page for terminology. Speed work is speed work regardless of your event or sport. Pure speed training is anything done at 95-100% intensity from 2-8 seconds (approximately 20-80 meters). I guess his article should have been called 'how to get faster with speed training'.

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