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How to Play Soccer Like FIFA World Cup Star Kelly Smith

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I was watching some highlights of the opening matches of the
2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup this morning and something caught
my eye.

Kelly Smith, England’s Captain and All Star, had a great game
in their first World Cup Match. She scored two goals
(minutes 81 and 83) in England’s winning performance.

During an interview, Sun Wen, the joint-FIFA Women’s Player
of the Century had the following to say about Kelly Smith:

“I think England’s Kelly Smith will be the player of the
tournament. She is an outstanding player, one of the very
best in the world. What impresses me most about her is how
good she is on the ball. Many Europeans are very good
physically, but Smith is technically outstanding. She has so
much skill, vision and passing ability. People will be so
impressed by how creative she is.”

You can teach your athletes the same soccer
skills and techniques that Kelly Smith uses to continue to
develop her All World talent.


One of the newest programs to receive the Athletes’ Acceleration
Seal of Approval is ‘Speed Training for Soccer’ featuring
Kelly Smith.

Now, I’m not saying all your athletes are going to turn into
All World players overnight.

But there is always a great deal to be gained by learning from
and emulating the best.


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