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How to Run Profitable Speed Camps, Clinics and Coaching Programs

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It’s here…

Ever since we started Athletes’ Acceleration we’ve received
a steady stream of questions from people interested in
learning how to run their own speed clinics and personalized
coaching programs.

After all, according to the Wall Street Journal, the speed
clinic and personalized coaching niche has become a $4
Billion per year industry.


But if you think about it, it makes sense.

More and more young athletes (and their parents, of course)
are seeking a competitive edge at an early age.

And that requires individualized programs and attention.

But just being a knowledgeable and experienced coach or
trainer doesn’t mean that athletes are going to magically
start lining up at your door.

While this would be nice in a perfect world, it’s just not
going to happen.

But I think you’ve figured that out by now.

If you really want to take control of your situation and
start attracting large numbers of athletes to your programs,
it’s going to require learning a system designed specifically
for this very purpose.

Those who seek information from people who have ‘made it’
are likely to succeed.

Those who try to ‘wing it’ or expect things to fall in
their lap…

They’ll get eaten up by their more aggressive colleagues.

Let me give you an example:

Two years ago Patrick, Lee Taft and I ran a 6 week
telecoaching program on the topic of building a profitable
speed clinic business that was very successful.

In fact, we only offered 25 spots and people had to fill
out a comprehensive application just to be considered.

Going out to a list of less than 15,000 people, we sold
out all 25 slots in just 10 days.

And we turned several people away who didn’t ‘fit’.

We didn’t run the program again, but we kept getting requests
to be put on the ‘waiting list.’

So we decided to take another look to see how much interest
there was in the topic.

We sent a quick survey out to just a part of our mailing

The response, again, was more than we anticipated.

94.1% of the people who took part in the survey said they
were interested in such a program.

And we got over *350* questions about the ins and outs of
the business.

We took *all* of those questions, sorted them into categories,
and created an in depth curriculum that covered absolutely
everything from insurance needs, start up costs, securing
a facility, addressing staffing needs, marketing and
advertising, clinic structure, sales copy, drills and
exercises, putting up a quality website, online marketing…

The list goes on and on. But suffice to say we covered
everything you could *possibly* want to know.

The truth is, it puts our last (sold out) program to

Because it covers much, much more information. And we
have learned an awful lot over the past 2 years.

Once we understonnd what you wanted to know, we
needed to put a highly qualified staff in place.

Well that was easy enough!

We just followed the same system for recruiting staff to
fill out our teaching clinic as we use when running
traditional camps and clinics for athletes.

At the end of the day, we’ve created a program teaching
you how to run a profitable speed clinic, sports camp and
specialized coaching business that has never been done or
attempted in our industry.

Of course you’ve got Patrick and I on board to show you
the ropes.

But we’ve really upped the ante with the rest of your
program instructors.

They’re the cream of the crop, but you’ll have to click
through to the website to get the full details.

Quick bios here wouldn’t do them justice.

There is one catch however.

We’re only opening this program to a limited number of

Let me put it like this:

Earlier in this email I told you we sold out a program
for 25 people in just 10 days.

And that program was promoted to only 15,000 people.

Well we’ve grown and learned alot in the past two years.

And this program is being promoted to 10x the
number of people this time around.

And once we reach our limit, that’s it.

We won’t be taking on any more people.

Even if we sell out our slots at the end of the day

So if you’ve ever thought about leveraging your coaching
knowledge into running paid programs for athletes, this
is your Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity.

If you want to improve the way you currently run your
paid programs, again, don’t pass up this chance.

Because we’re not planning on running this program again.

So you can’t say ‘Maybe next time’.

There is no next time.

And you can’t say ‘The time isn’t right’.

Well timing is never perfect for any major life event
or action.

Successful people don’t passively wait around for
everything to be perfect…

They see an opportunity and make it happen.

And that’s what you need to do.

What’s more, there’s no travel, no flights, no hotel
arrangements to be made.

We’re bringing the coaches directly to you…

Will you take your share of this $4 Billion per year


We’re giving away 100+ minutes of audio interviews
with the Sports Camp  Empire Mentorship Staff.

They’re full of tips, strategies and ideas you can start
using to run and improve your own programs right away.

Click here to claim your audio files and learn more about
how to build your own Sports Camp Empire:

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