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Making Family Time Productive, Healthy and FUN!

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With the current atmosphere of social distancing, parents and caregivers are playing an increased role in their children’s lives. Schedules have been turned upside down and our kids are faced with hours on end of “finding something to do”.

Here’s a tip for you, as well as a few ideas to keep your household active, healthy and super fun for your kids.

The tip I have for you is to be aware of the opportunity you have to impact their life in a way you might not normally have. Be grateful for the time at home as well as the chance to go back to your own childhood and share the activities you loved as a child. This time is priceless.

Understand they are adjusting, in their own way, to the notion of social distancing as well and they most likely cannot completely rationalize what is going in the world. Have the expectation that your kids will need to adjust on their own terms and they will need your help in creating a schedule of activities to keep them engaged and developing physically and mentally.

Here are 3 ideas to get your own creative juices flowing!

Cross the river to find the treasure! This game will allow your children to work on balance, spatial awareness, leg & core strength as well creativity.

Items needed:

Paper plates, paper, frisbees etc. and markers or crayons.

Red Light – Green Light. Instead of running and stopping as we played as children, the modern version of this game can include any movement or exercise. Jumping Jacks, running in place, crab walks, bear crawls or pretty much any safe movement your child wants to try is acceptable. Feel free to add in different colors as well.

  • Green light go
  • Red light stop
  • Yellow light slow
  • Blue light best dance move
  • Pink light hop like a bunny

Obstacle Courses still rule! This is another great activity that involves the physical aspect of several different movements and tasks to complete the course. There is also some hidden magic in this activity. Watch this video to find out where it lies!

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