Chasing Greatness

Meet December’s Champion of the Month

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Please help us celebrate Bodey McMillin as our Champion of the Month!

Bodey started with us online and now we get to see his smiling face in person as well. His carefree, yet caring personality stands out each and every session! Behavior is always top notch with Bodey from the beginning of each session to the last minute!

Bodey has been one of most consistent athletes and it’s showing in how well he moves!

His strength, speed and overall athleticism have all improved even at a young age. Bodey’s real strength is his ability to pay attention and turn instruction into action!

Bodey is a very special young athlete, friend, brother and son and he has become a very big part of our AX family.

Watching Bodey become strong, confident and impactful young man is an honor for all of us. Way to represent everything we look for in a Champion of the Month!

Keep Chasing Greatness Bodey!

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