Chasing Greatness

Meet February’s Champion of the Month

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Congratulations to Ryan Wagner!

Ryan demonstrates the epitome of long-term athletic development. He’s been a part of the Athletes Acceleration family since 2013!

Over the past 7 years Ryan has attend close to 500 sessions so it’s no surprise he is now one of the strongest athletes in our gym. Ryan’s most impressive numbers are rooted the fact Ryan always gives 100% of whatever he has on any given day…he empties the tank every session!

Ryan brings the same devotion and effort to his studies as he flexes high honors in school!

We are so proud of Ryan and his example of consistency, effort and long-term approach to achieving greatness within himself. Over the years we’ve loved learning about Ryan’s interests and his subtle but witty personality.

Watching Ryan become a strong, confident and successful young man is an honor for all of us. Way to represent everything we look for in a Champion of the Month!

Keep Chasing Greatness Ryan!

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