Chasing Greatness

Meet January’s Champion of the Month

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Congratulations to our Sarah Hogan!

Sarah started after attending an online speed clinic with us and never looked back. Sarah has a sweet and funny demeanor despite being a fierce competitor! Commitment, consistency and always giving her best sets Sarah apart from the rest.

Sarah’s consistency cannot be overstated and it has been amazing to see it pay off on the soccer field at the highest levels!

Her strength, speed and mobility have all improved greatly. One of Sarah’s biggest strengths is her ability to be fully focused on the task at hand, ask questions and learn rapidly.

Sarah is a very special young athlete and human being. Even though she lives 3 hours away, she has demonstrated every attribute of a champion.

Watching Sarah become a strong, confident and successful young woman is an honor for all of us. Way to represent everything we look for in a Champion of the Month!

Keep Chasing Greatness Sarah!

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