Chasing Greatness

Meet July’s Champion of the Month

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Maddie Gage is a passionate and driven young athlete. Maddie has set her goals high and has big dreams. Without a doubt, Maddie will accomplish everything she sets out to do thanks to her high level of motivation and her dedication to being the best athlete she can be.

Whether pushing herself during a workout or taking the time to practice skills on her own, Maddie never backs down. We are confident that Maddie’s work ethic will carry her to the next level and beyond. Maddie seizes every opportunity to make herself better.

Above all else, Maddie shows the highest level of care and respect for everyone she comes in contact with. There is never a day that Maddie doesn’t start and end her workout with a big smile on her face making her an absolute joy to coach.

Maddie sets the bar high for her teammates and always leads by example. We are honored to be your coaches, Maddie. We are excited to see all you will accomplish in life. Never lose sight of your goals and we know you will be rewarded!

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