Chasing Greatness

Meet June’s Champion of the Month

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Congratulations to June’s Champion of the Month Hudson Gill?

Hudson is an intelligent, kind, and respectful young man that gives his all during every workout. Hudson has the ability to connect with both his coaches and his teammates through his bright smiling face and shows what it means to be a leader every class.

Hudson shows an extremely high level of maturity for his age and he never stops impressing his coaches with how smart and insightful he is. We love hearing Hudson share his knowledge with teammates and, most of all, we love how Hudson embraces the process of always being ready to learn something new.

Keep letting your best self shine through, Hudson. It is an honor to coach you and we are excited to continue to watch you grow as both an athlete and a young man. You push yourself to new levels every time you work out and you inspire others around you to be the best versions of themselves, just as you do every day. Keep Chasing Greatness!

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