Chasing Greatness

Meet March’s Champion of the Month

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Congratulations to Makenna Foley!

Makenna has all the qualities of an Athletes Acceleration Champion! Listening, respect, fun and effort are the corner stones of our program and Makenna lives these every day.

It’s very evident why Makenna has so much success on her club team as a leader and player. It’s quite impressive to witness her ability to balance having fun while giving maximum effort!

Makenna brings the same intensity and effort to everything she does and that is why she will be successful!

We appreciate Makenna’s silly and fun side and her smile will light up any room. We are proud of Makenna for having a healthy balance of soccer, school and time to be teenager.

Watching Makenna grow into a strong, confident, caring young woman is an honor for all of her coaches!

Keep Chasing Greatness Makenna!

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