Chasing Greatness

Meet November’s Champion of the Month

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Hailing from just outside Baltimore, Maryland, Ashlynn Sanchez has the distinction of being our very first remote online Champion of the Month.

Seeing Ashlynn’s smile on the screen lifts has lifted all of our spirits over the past 5 months. Her personality is infectious and the kids that come to our gym and the ones that train with us from all over the country feel like they know her and love her!

Ashlynn’s consistency is unmatched as she doesn’t miss a session even when on vacation!

Her strength, speed and overall athleticism have all improved so much already but it’s her determination and work ethic that are the most impressive things to her coaches.

Ashlynn is a very special young athlete and even better human being and although there are hundreds of miles between us, she is a very big part of our family.

Watching Ashlynn rise as a strong, confident and caring young woman is an honor. Way to represent everything we look for in a Champion of the Month!

Keep Chasing Greatness Ashlynn!

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