Chasing Greatness

Meet our June Champion of the Month!

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We are proud to honor Alison Jenkins as our Champion of the Month for June, 2019. Alison is the epitome of a dedicated and committed athlete. Dedicated to improvement and committed to take care of herself mentally and physically year-round.








You won’t meet a humbler and more respectful young athlete…even with her vast accomplishments on the field. Alison is the true definition of leading by example. Her character carries her and her classmates during every session. She always has a fantastic attitude while consistently pushing herself to be her very best.

Alison is not a person who will leave potential on the table. There is no doubt Alison will do great things on the field, and more importantly off the field in High School and beyond.

Keep chasing greatness Alison, you can achieve anything you strive for!

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