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Meet Our May Champion of the Month!

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Maggie Cizmar’s big smile and ability to light up the room aren’t the only reasons why she has been chosen as our Champion of the Month. Maggie’s quiet yet confident leadership qualities make her a sure bet to help new athletes in our sessions.

She’s the first one to step up and make sure someone new is taken care of. In short, she makes them feel like they’re not the new kid, but part of the family.

Maggie is impeccable in letting our coaching staff know what her running and competitive meet schedule is as well as informing us when something needs attention.She has the maturity to discuss how her body is responding as she pursues her dreams of being an elite level mid to long distance runner.

Maggie was done a remarkable job, as an individual sport athlete, of adopting our team first culture at Athletes Acceleration.
Stay true to who you are Maggie and that will take you to incredible places in running and in life!

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