Chasing Greatness

Meet September’s Champion of the Month

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Cole Sheehan is a dedicated, driven, and hard working athlete. Cole gives his all during every workout and is always ready for the next challenge. Cole has achieved so much since first his first day.

He’s an extremely coachable athlete who shows a high level of maturity by asking his coaches for feedback. Cole’s dedication to his workouts both online and in-person is paying off with his increased level of strength and athletic intelligence.

Cole is a true pleasure to have in class and brings a high level of energy every time he comes in. Regardless of how busy or tiring his day was, Cole never takes a rep off. Cole is able to find the perfect balance between having fun and working hard. Always making his teammates and coaches smile, Cole’s energy is infectious and he always keeps us laughing.

We all look forward to Cole’s presence during class and are excited to continue watching him grow and excel on the ice, and beyond. Keep pushing yourself towards greatness, Cole. You are a natural leader and you’re setting yourself up to accomplish big things!

Keep Chasing Greatness Cole!

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