Chasing Greatness



At Athletes Acceleration we understand all to well how busy your young athlete’s schedule is. In fact, today’s young athlete has a far more hectic schedule than the professional athletes we have worked with over the years.

Having two boys myself, the struggle is real to find the time for them to prepare for the future and realize success now. That said, the critical nature of them developing their skills athletically to keep them safe as a well giving them every opportunity to excel in their favorite sports and activities is always easier with a schedule you can count on.

Our hybrid block schedule offer the most flexibility possible to allow for the frequency and consistency your young athlete needs and deserves. We offer 6 days of sessions per week to choose from with the freedom to attend whatever classes work during any given week.

To determine where on our schedule you might fit here is a brief overview of our classes:

  • Complete Athletic Development – Boys and Girls ages 9-11
  • Complete Athletic Transformation – Boys and Girls 12-13
  • Completes Athletic Performance – Boys and Girls ages 14+

For team training please call 781-312-7808