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Speed & Power Workout

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Speed & Power Workout

By: Patrick Beith

Speed and Power are the bread and butter of most sports. There are so many get quick 'quick' schemes out there for speed training it gets harder to tell what really works. Here is Athletes' Acceleration's very own structured Speed/Power day workout.

I. Dynamic Warm-up

  • 5-10 minute warm-up
  • Loose skip
  • Hurdle pushup
  • Backwards loose skip
  • Double leg plow
  • Side shuffle
  • Leg circles
  • Side shuffle
  • Lunge w/ twist
  • Leg swings (front & lateral)
  • Skips for height

II. Speed Drills

  • A-skip
  • A-run
  • Backwards run
  • Fast leg
  • Accelerations 4x30m

III. Speed Workout

Acceleration Workout
3x 25 meters – push up (down position) start
3x 25 meters – push up (up position) start
3x 25 meters – seated (facing) 'forward' start
3x 25 meters – seated (facing) 'backwards' start

IV. Plyometrics

  • 5 Double leg hops 4×6
  • Single leg bounds 3×6 each
  • Running alternating bounds 3×8

V. Weight Training

  • Hang Cleans 5×3
  • Deadlifts 4×4
  • Step-ups 4×4
  • Dumbbell Snatch 5×3

VI. Core Training

Stabilization – static (hold each position 45 seconds – repeat 3 times)
Swedish Abs:
Plank position
Side plank (on right side)
Side plank (on left side)
Bridge position

VII. Active Warm Down

  • All 2x 20 meters
  • High knee walk
  • Lunge w/ hamstring
  • Lateral lunge
  • Spiderman
  • Inch worm

Exercises can be added or subtracted depending on what the goal of the workout is, but all of our speed/power days will be in this outlined form. If we were doing a maximum velocity day (pure speed) our plyos would change because we would want to perform vertical plyos. Our core workouts change daily depending on what types of exercises we used the day before.

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