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The New Complete Olympic Lifting

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 Complete Olympic Lifting

It goes without saying that the Olympic Lifts are a standard part of any respectable strength and conditioning program.

I love them. I wouldn't consider going into the weight room without teaching them.

But, my background isn't Olympic Lifting. I can break down sprinting, hurdling and jumping technique all day. But, teaching and fixing athletes in the clean is a work in progress.

So, long story short, we had a DVD created that not only walks you through the process of teaching the Olympic Lifts, but does so in a straight forward, step by step process.

One of the primary people I go to for strength training information is Wil Fleming. Wil is a former US Olympic Trials Qualifier and NCAA All American Thrower from his days at Indiana University, so he is intimately familiar with how these movements transfer over to success in our sport.

What I love about this program is that for every piece of the movement that he teaches, he explains why athletes often do it wrong and gives corrective exercises or cues that will help resolve the problem.

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This isn't about getting a ton of science and background information requiring a fancy scien ce degree. It's step by step how to teach the Olympic Lifts so your athletes stop catching the bar with their elbows down, jumping forward during the clean because they don't get full hip extension, pulling on the bar with their arms instead of driving through the hips, landing with their feet spread outside their shoulders…

You get the idea.

If you're not teaching the Olympic Lifts this DVD will help you get over being intimidated by the process.

If you are teaching the Olympic Lifts, this DVD is guaranteed to add a bunch of new tools to your teaching tool box. Because I know my kids are making mistakes. I see kids at the gym doing them and it's a hot mess. I see the football players in our school doing them and that's not going too well. So, chances are, your athletes would perform better if they were better able to do these lifts properly.

Complete Olympic Lifting

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