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The Speed Training Report – Concern #2

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Concern #2

This update covers Concern #2 about The Speed Training

(We already addressed the #1 concern (that we’re just going to
charge people for what amounts to a series of product sales
pitches here.

CONCERN: There is so much material and information spread out
over a number of formats, topics, sports, etc. that the information
will be too complicated to retain or not specific enough to one
particular sport. Therefore only elite coaches will be able to
get anything out of it.

BACKGROUND: When we first started putting this idea together, we
considered this fear from Day 1. But we know from our experience
that the best way to become a successful coach, teacher and mentor
to young athletes is by educating yourself through as many sources
of information as possible.

Our free Complete Speed Training Newsletter covers the same type
of information (just not nearly as in depth or consistently as
The Speed Training Report) and we have, literally, hundreds of
testimonials from people of all sports, age groups, experience
levels and disciplines.

ANSWER: While the concern is understandable, I call this one
of those ‘no worries’ situations. We’ve thought about this
from the beginning.

When contacting and interviewing coaches, they were given specific
instructions as to how to present their content. So as long as
you are not getting overly confused by the Complete Speed Training
Newsletter and how I present information in that resource, you’ll
have no problems with the Speed Training Report.

The information will be easy to grasp and I am quite confident
it will be immediately useful to both beginner and veteran
coaches alike.

Yes, there is a ton of content.

Yes, it does come from a variety of coaches and from a variety
of sports.

However, it is EXTREMELY easy to understand.

Plus it will still have a distinctive ‘Athletes’ Acceleration’
feel to it.

Even if you only are involved with one sport or style, I promise
you that you’ll be able to apply information to your athletes
from a sport or arena that seems totally unrelated.

I used to think ‘How can I apply this information on middle
distance running to my tennis players?’

But when you look foundationally at how the information is being
presented, you’ll start to see amazing paralells.

It’s kind of like the movie The Matrix when Neo starts to realize
how the Matrix actually works.

It reminds me of a great saying:

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look
at change.’

Yeah,what can I say, I’m deep.

Let me give you a specific example.

Many of you have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly, our
adminisrative wonder woman. Kim is excellent at handling all
the administrative and customer service details that it takes to
run Athletes’ Acceleration.

This is the type of stuff that Patrick and I will (and have)
screwed up.

Kim answers the phones and has learned enough about our
programs to give answers to the most popular questions that
potential customers have. However, she has no serious knowledge
of speed development or athletic performance, nor does she care.

However, since she’ll have to answer a ton of questions about
the product when we launch, we gave her a copy of the first
issue so she could get familiar with it.

It sat on her desk for a few days because she really didn’t want
to read all those articles or listen to a long interview about
any of the facets of athletic performance.

Quite frankly, she was dreading it.

But after looking at the first issue, Kim said:

“Honestly I was very surprised at how interesting it was.
Even though the topics were different, I feel like I could
understand how everything could fit together if you were
paying attention. Maybe I should start running camps and

And the most impressive part is – she just skimmed the articles
and only listened to the first half of the audio! (It is an hour and
20 minutes long after all!)

She wasn’t taking notes or thinking about how to apply the
information to her own athletes.

She didn’t highlight any sections or even think about diving
into all the bonuses.

She didn’t check the forums, watch any video breakdown or
even read the transcripts of the audio interrogation.

She was reading it because I made her ๐Ÿ™‚

My point is this: The information in The Speed Training Report
will work for coaches, parents and athletes of every sport, age,
skill level and gender.

And regardless of your current knowledge level, you’ll be able
to pick up priceless information that you can take to your team,
kids, facility, etc.

More importantly, we want to build a community within the
members of the Speed Training Report.

So if the group decides the information is too difficult, we’ll
change it.

If you want more of something, we’ll add it.

Our goal is to serve as educators. We want to get information
to you using the path of least resistance. We’re truly here
to serve you.

BOTTOM LINE: While The Speed Training Report content is quite
thorough and gives you a huge amount of material to consider,
it is also easy to understand. It will work for you whether
you’re a beginner coach or a veteran, whether you coach
multiple sports and athletes or just one.

So stay tuned for more details. We’ll be launching The Speed
Training Report on Tuesday, April 17 at 12pm EST. The best way
to stay informed about the release of The Speed Training Report
is by joining our announcement list.

You can see the details at the bottom of this message.

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And of course, we won’t share your contact information with
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