Chasing Greatness

The Truth About Athletic Development

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If you’ve been keeping up with my emails lately, you
know there was quite a stir of emotions when I released
my interview with controversial strength and conditioning
coach Barry Ross.

But beyond the avalanche of questions I got about Barry, I
got just as many asking my opinion on a large variety of
training topics from speed and strength development,
good and bad coaching, goal setting, sports psychology,

As I have said several times over the past week, my opinion
is what it is.

Some people are going to agree, some are going to disagree.

But it always makes for good discussion…

Recently I sat down with Athletes’ Acceleration co-founder
Patrick Beith to discuss all things under the umbrella of
speed and athletic development.

Our interview/discussion lasted well over 80 minutes and
contains a great deal of highly applicable information.

I suggest you check it out:

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