Chasing Greatness

Using Food Stay Game Ready

An interview with sports nutrition expert Wendi Irlbeck
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We always preach eating for health first and performance second while letting the rest take care of itself with your active, athletic lifestyle.

Life has changed for sure.

The Stay Home Order we are living through is not an excuse…it’s an opportunity. Actually the is unprecedented time away from our coaches, teams and teammates is full of opportunities due to the lack of crazy schedules we became accustomed to.

  • The opportunity to appreciate what we had
  • The opportunity to appreciate what we have
  • The opportunity to sleep better
  • The opportunity to train more consistently
  • The opportunity to learn more about our individual strengths and weaknesses
  • The opportunity to appreciate our friends and teammate
  • The opportunity to appreciate playing the sports we love
  • The opportunity to grow mentally strong
  • The opportunity to be physically stronger
  • The opportunity to be faster
  • The opportunity to be more injury resilient
  • The opportunity to be more powerful
  • The opportunity to be more technically skilled

Are you picking up what I’m laying down?


But there’s one more very important one.

This is a fantastic time to dial in on how you eat.

I interviewed sports nutrition expert Wendi Irlbeck and she laid out how to eat for success now to be ready to when we get back to our teams.

Recorded during the Stay at Home order to keep us safe, Wendi shares some amazing tips on what needs to change nutritionally and what does not depending on the athlete. She also gives us advice on how to stay game ready by using food as your secret weapon.

To contact Wendi visit
Instagram: @Nutrition_with_wendi

Take this information to heart and use this time wisely.

The athletes that do will be healthy and perform at their best.

The athletes that do, will dominate.

Keep Chasing Greatness.

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