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Vertical Leap – you wanted proof…

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By now I’m sure you’ve heard of sports performance coach Luke
Lowery and his program ‘The Vertical Project’ (

In it, he guarantees that he can improve ANY athlete’s
vertical leap a *minimum* of 6 inches in 60 days.

Just think of how that could improve success in just about
every sport!

But as a speed coach and performance consultant, I’m very
hesitant to just buy into everyone’s bold claims on how
revolutionary their product or service is.

Well Luke called me last week and offered to prove to
everyone that his program is truly the Real Deal.

Click here to find out what he’s talking about:

He knows that a lot of people think that his claims about increasing
vertical leap are ‘ridiculous’, ‘impossible’ and ‘a scam’.

In fact, since we started promoting The Vertical Project, we’ve gotten
some emails from people who visited his site who said the same

Remember the article I sent you last week about how to find the
ideal speed training program?

Well just apply those criteria to Luke’s program and I think you’ll
be impressed.

Because any successful performance enhancement resource must
pass the burden of proof with potential customers and other members
of the training industry.

And Luke’s does.

But I’m not writing to you today to try to get you to purchase the
Vertical Project.

I want to talk to you about something even more
comprehensive and more valuable.

When I talked to Luke last week, he told me about a program that
he is offering to an extremely limited number of coaches, athletes
and trainers.

Being the kind of guy I am, I had to ask him why he’s putting his
neck on the chopping block to offer such a powerful program.

I thought he was going to give me the same generic response I
get from other people who come to me to promote their
information, something like:

‘I want to prove all the doubters and haters wrong.’


‘With my customer base, I know this program can make us
a lot of money.’

But Luke didn’t say anything like that at all.

In fact, his response really impressed me and that’s why I’m
writing this letter to you.

Because any performance enhancement resource I promote
becomes one that affects my reputation with you.

And that’s something I take very serious.

Instead, Luke started telling me how ever since he released his
program a few years ago, he began consulting with coaches,
athletes and trainers from all over the world.

As word of the results people were getting began to spread, he
started receiving phone calls from some Big Name professional

And these are Big Time NFL, NBA, NCAA and Olympic
athletes that you would certainly recognize.

****Sorry I can’t ‘name drop’ here. We sign non-disclosure
agreements with athletes at this level, so we can’t talk about
our training arrangements!****

Luke believes that there are a ton of coaches, athletes and
trainers that are busting their butts to get better at what they do.

And you don’t deserve to be left out of this ‘insider information’
when you can use it to your advantage just as easily as these elite
athletes and coaches do.

I’ve been to and listened in on some of these elite training seminars
and I know how the most cutting edge information stays in these
circles for a long time before trickling down to the ‘masses.’

Have you ever heard the saying:

‘The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.’

Well that’s how the sharing of training information can go in
our industry.

But Luke wants to change that and I fully support his idea.

OK, you’ve peeked my interest, show me that link again:

Like I said before, Luke is only allowing an extremely small
number of coaches, athletes and clients to sign up for this offering.

With giants like JumpUSA and Peak Performance UK promoting
this amazing tele-seminar as well, I can guarantee you that over
250,000 people will have access to only a relative handful of

So I strongly suggest you click on the above link to find out how
to secure your spot.

Now here’s the deal:

Registration opens on Thursday, July 13.

If you’re one of the lucky few who actually get into the program,
you’ll also get a FRE*E copy of Luke’s revolutionary program, The
Vertical Project (retail price $247).

So as you can see, the value of this seminar is incredible.

It comes with the full endorsement of Athletes’ Acceleration, as
well as several other industry heavy-weights so you have nothing
to lose.

So check out everything that Luke is offering and mark Thursday
July 13 on your calendar!

Click here now:

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