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What they feel is real

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It’s well known that kids brains don’t completely develop into their early to mid 20’s.

But what does that mean, exactly?

One of the things it means is that the left and right side of the brain doesn’t communicate with itself very well as these two sides they are developing individually in their own right.

The right side of the brain is in tune with emotion, feeling, images and memories.

The left side deals with the logic and details.

As parents, teachers and coaches it is crucial to remember that no matter what a kid’s emotions and feeling are…


Once more, if they are not able to necessarily communicate what they are feeling, or why, it’s partly because their left brain can’t make sense of it yet…

…or because they are so locked up in the emotional side of their brain, their left side isn’t even in the game

Adults unfortunately perceive this as acting out, laziness, lack of motivation, not trying, misbehaving, tantrums or drama.

Remember for every behavior there is a reason behind it.

Just as a great strength coach will dive deep to find the root of a movement deficiency to improve speed and strength….

We need to have an understanding of where kids are developmentally, what they are feeling at the root and meeting them where they are to help them grow.

Keeping in mind that all humans, even young humans, are different and develop at their own rates…each child in your classroom and on your team will be in a headspace all of their own and it may take time (lots of time) for them to return to pre-pandemic form.

Be there with them, not for them.

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