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World’s Fastest Men

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Tuesday’s article on the overly generous timing system
used in the 40 yard dash really sparked a big response.

(Scroll down to the next post if you missed it.)

I tried to respond to some of the emails and questions
but I got overwhelmed by the pace they came in at!

It was like every time I pressed the refresh button,
there were another couple of emails.

So be patient as I get through them or simply send
me another refresher email.


Here is a really interesting (and motivating!)
documentary on the World’s Fastest Men and the
evolution of speed and speed development.

If this doesn’t motivate you then I give up!


The World’s Fastest Men


  • Fitness and Fat Loss for the Time Starved says:

    great post!!!

    can’t wait to get out there and tear it up 🙂

  • CFL says:

    It’s interesting that Michael Johnson was the commentator. It seems to imply that he was the World’s Fastest Man. I think Donovan Bailey proved he was when he challenged Michael in the 150 meter race. Oh, but Michael pulled up lame (once he saw that he was being left behind).

  • courage949 says:

    u got 2 b kidding with the Ben Johnson situation, he had one of the greatest of all time coaches, Charlie Francis, he had a multimillion dollar company payin him millions to win, uhhhh…..i think this group would have made sure he tested clean. This incredible man was framed so big time that we enter the pearly whites god is goin to bithch slap each and every one of us. Oh yea, and about ” Mr.Clean Cryin Little Girl Because His Drugs Were’nt Gettin The Same Results Carl Lewis”, ur ass was beat, and i have know idea how u sleep at night, u and ur cartel ruined a good mans life. Long Live Ben Johnson, may life now bring u the joy we violently and without cause ripped from u, and may peace surround u all those of ur inner circle all eternal.

  • Latif says:

    I don’t think that Michael pulled up lame because he was losing. If you look at his performances for about a year after that race, they were pretty substandard (for him). It took him awhile to get over that injury.

    That being said, that race turned into a circus side show and made track even more of a commercial joke in the US than it was, which I thought would be pretty tough to do. But at least USATF is doing a great job of marketing the sport now…

    As for Ben Johnson, he was certainly on steroids and he was most likely set up.

    Read Charlie Francis book ‘Speed Trap’. It’s a great read on the whole topic.

    It’s a shame that he gets bastardized for being on steroids when I doubt he was the only dirty athlete in that final…

    Charlie Francis gets condemned for doing what many, many other coaches were doing as well.

  • says:

    Man I love Track and field!!! That video WAS getting me hype, until it froze. As for the Donovan/Mike thing…. my only issue with that whole deal was how the US press tryed to steal the title of “worlds fastest man” from D. I did some calculations (back in the day) and Donovan was definatley going faster in his WR than Mike was in his WR. Me being a MJ fan (at the time), i got upset when his head started to swell. I believe that him pulling up in that 150m race was Karma. Yes, Karma from talking too much yang and believing the hype.
    I read speed trap….it was good,very interesting too. I just don’t like cheaters. And i use to be a “carl lewis hating, please somebody shut him down” fan of Ben. But I was a kid, what did i know….sorry carl.
    Its moments like that in history that kills heroes. They let you down when you find out the real deal.

  • james robinson says:

    this was a great video, because It’s not easy finding videos and tapes about track. My take on the race between johnson and lewis was that in the olympic just before johnson drug induced record breaking performance carl lewis smoke johnson and continued to smoke him through the world championships and on top of it all I don’t believe anyone at that point had the speed to just smoke lewis, Im sorry to say but it was almost impossible.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry why is Harry Jerome not mentioned he co owned the world record with Armin Harry of Germany at 10.0 flat.Having been a world class sprinter in my youth I question every world record after 1968.Do you really think todays sprinters could put on the shoes we had to run with from the 60’s and also step on to a limestone track instead or the synthetic ones they run on today and actually run the same times I don’t think so.

  • Ian Morgan says:

    very motivational and inspirational
    Any chance of a copy for my sprint squad

  • abuzaid says:

    Ok now I know About worlds fatest men but I want to learn about how to become faster because all they was saying is concentrate but I am a footballer I dont have that things about That cant you send me a clip about how to become faster please.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi CFL,
    i am being objective here; i think micheal Johnson is the fastest man on earth, however,, he reaches his top speed late but he can maintain it for long, that is why his 200 record is just out of this world. ok, maybe he is not the fastest as the 100 m is the real test but you he surely has the best runing performance within all sprinters.


  • tgam says:

    great post,as a track and football coach this helps a lot, how would I be able to get a copy?

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