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Athletes Acceleration South Shore Programs

Chasing Greatness… one session at a time

The Athletes Acceleration message to Parents and Coaches is quite clear –

Children and Teenagers are not little adults, nor should they be trained and coached as such.

We wouldn’t expect our ten year old daughter to find a full time job and we won’t be surprised if making the mortgage payment on time isn’t the first concern our fifteen year old has when he wakes up in the morning.

Why then in the youth sports world do we expect young athletes and kids to train, compete, think and react like adults?

Too often, young athletes and kids are exposed to training programs that are often well beyond their structural and neurological abilities and taught to emulate elite athletes in their mental and physical approach to athletics.

Kids need an atmosphere, coaching and programming that meets them where they are developmentally.

Athletes Acceleration and its Coaches can guarantee that our progressive system of training with enhance your child’s or team’s sport performance, general fitness and well-being, as well as provide them with an intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive environment that will sow the seeds for a lifetime of sporting excellence and health.

Athletes Acceleration Programs Overview

The Most Sought After Training System In The World…

With Athletes Acceleration, you are embarking an internationally field-tested and success-proven system of training for participants ages 9 –18.

Combing chronological age with the results of our movement based assessment and careful observation is a trial session, Athletes are placed in the optimal class.

The Athletes Acceleration ‘Developmental Training Model’ has been successfully tested all over the world and is based on the following structure:

Complete Athletic Development “CAD” (Ages 9 – 11)

Not unlike the ‘Foundations’ phase of the Athletes Acceleration Model, Our Development model is based on young participants establishing ‘athletic intelligence’ through a carefully planned programming structure that allows them to learn and comprehend both simple and complex motor skills via explorative play.

Unlike ‘Foundations’ however, CAD also includes an educational portion within which Athletes Acceleration Coaches breakdown and instruct participants on specific aspects of exercise execution.

This transitional phase allows young participants to bridge the gap from a play model of fitness to a more programmatic structured version.

Complete Athletic Transformation “CAT” (Ages 12-13)

During this major transformative time for young athletes this phase will successful bridge the gap between our CAD classes and the Complete Athletic Performance (Ages 14+) phase. This critical age of development for young athletes is marked by so many changes to their body, mind, social circles, and academics. With the National average of roughly 75% of all young athletes dropping out of youth sports by age 13 our CAT program is designed to help them learn how to train for their sports while keeping perspective on fun and the love for the game.

Young athletes in this phase will continue to learn the merits of hard work while maintaining a high level of enjoyment during training.

Complete Athletic Performance “CAP” (Ages 14+)

The CAF phase is where more concerted training application takes place. Whether the goal is sporting excellence, fitness, wellness or obesity prevention, this portion of the Athletes Acceleration Developmental Model is based on solid execution and fundamental training habits so that each participant can maximize their respective goals.

“Performance is not the goal…it is the OUTCOME”